Success Stories

The 80/20 Rule


Don't expect to get everything you want but don't expect to give up everything either. Be open-minded, and walk away with a satisfied feeling of having some control of your life. If you can get 80% of your wants and needs, be willing to forego the other 20% to obtain closure.

It's all about prioritizing.

Happy families


Your family can still be functional; just within a new dynamic. Children need to feel stable, secure and  loved. Its not their fault the parents are divorcing and they should not be privy to the circumstances of the issues surrounding your divorce. Refrain from having adult conversations with children. This will promote security for your children during this time.

Acceptance of the end


Acceptance that your life is now changing and you will be single, possibly a single parent, your financial situation may change, even your residence may change may be motivation or may be devastating. Either way, being open to the possibilities to starting anew allows you to cope better with your circumstance. It also allows you to think clearly and make informed decisions about how your life is going to look going forward.

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